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Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

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The church was established in 1859 and originally named Trinity Church. This name was suggested by J. H. Foster, who helped build the church, in honor of the oldest church in his native town of St. John’s, New Brunswick. The church was admitted into the Diocese of Minnesota in 1859, represented by Oliver Kelley (whose farm is a Minnesota National Historic Register in Elk River). The original church site was at 1915 Second Street. The church building was moved in 1878 across the street from the present site. The building that can still be seen today was built in 1891 in its current location. When the current building was finished being built in 1891, the Star News reported: “Tuesday last witnessed the dedication of another beautiful little church in Elk River, and adds another mark of civilization to our town.” The church was renamed Holy Trinity Episcopal Church of Elk River in 1962. In 1979 Holy Trinity Episcopal Church appointed Reverend Margo Maris became the first woman rector in the county. Since the late 1970s, four women rectors have served Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.