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Rental Dwelling License Renewal Application

  1. Rental Dwelling - License Renewal
    Rental license certification is required annually. This is an application for license renewal - your license is not valid until fully processed. If you have any questions pertaining to your renewal, please contact the Rental Licensing Division at 763.635.1075 or
  2. Rental Dwelling Information
    Input the information provided on your invoice.
  3. Section 2: Applicant Information
    Please provide contact information for the individual applying for the license renewal.
  4. Is there information in your file that needs to be updated?*
    Review the information on your invoice to ensure it is up-to-date.
  5. Payment

    The City of Elk River currently does not have an online payment module for Rental Licensing. Payment can be made by mailing a check to City Hall (13065 Orono Pkwy NW), payable to City of Elk River - Rental Licensing. 

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