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Interested Candidates

  1. Interested Candidates Form

    Are you interested in joining the Elk River Fire Department? Fill out this form to be added to our Interested Candidates list. When the next hiring process is open, you will receive an email containing all of the information you need in order to apply. All hiring information will also be posted on the main City website, as well as on social media outlets. If you have specific questions about joining the team, call us at 763.635.1100 and we would be happy to provide additional information!

  2. Do you live within eight (8) minutes of Elk River Fire Station #1?*

    Station #1: 415 Jackson Ave NW

  3. Do you live within eight (8) minutes of Elk River Fire Station #2?*

    Station #2: 13073 Orono Pkwy NW

  4. Explain any additional training and/or certifications you have that apply to this position (FFI, FFII, EMR, etc). If none, type N/A.

  5. Disclaimer*

    I understand that by completing this form, I am only being added to the Interested Candidates list. Everyone on the Interested Candidates list will receive an email when the hiring process officially opens. All hiring process information, including an application, will be available on the City of Elk River website and the Elk River Fire Department Facebook page. Completing this form does not mean that I am applying to be a firefighter with the City of Elk River.

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