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City Beautification Award Entry Form

  1. City Beautification Award Entry Form
    To apply, please complete the fields below and submit this form with the required photos.
  2. Photo Upload
    Please submit two recent, high-resolution photos, including both “before” and “after” shots. These photos may be used for publicity so high-quality images are highly encouraged.
  3. Use this first field for the "BEFORE" image and the field to the right for the photo showing the completed project.
  4. Use this field to upload an "AFTER" shot, showing the completed project.
  5. Eligibility Requirements:
    Self-nominations are encouraged! Properties must be located within the City of Elk River corporate limits. Projects may include improvements to the interior or exterior of the business. For new construction, a certificate of occupancy must have been issued. Public projects or previous winners that have won in the previous two years are not eligible. By submitting a photo, you authorize the use of photos in various social media and print forums.
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