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William H. Houlton Conservation Area


Frequently Asked Questions Re: Use and Hunting


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Conservation Area Map

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Conservation Area Info

Hunting Regulations

This Conservation Area was acquired with funding provided by the Outdoor Heritage Fund and is open to the public for hunting and fishing during the regular open seasons, as designated by the State of Minnesota and in accordance with current state hunting and fishing regulations, as restricted below:

  • Archery hunting only for small game, waterfowl, turkey, and deer.
  • Shotgun hunting for waterfowl is allowed, but only in the designated "Firearms Waterfall Hunting Area". See Map for area location.
  • This conservation area is surrounded by private residential property and public waterway, therefore, exercise extreme caution when discharging all firearms and bows.
  • When the designated parking lot is full (12 vehicles), the hunting capacity of the Conservation Area is full and no further access is allowed.
  • No dogs are allowed except for retrievers used for waterfowl hunters in season for the express purpose of retrieving downed game. All retrievers must be on a leash when traveling to and from the "Firearms Waterfowl Hunting Area".
  • No trapping is permitted.
  • Tree stands, boats, decoys and other equipment must be removed daily.
  • No horses, ATV's snowmobiles or other unauthorized motorized vehicles are allowed.
  • No camping or un-permitted fires.
  • No target or indiscriminate shooting.
  • No pistols, rifles or muzzleloaders allowed.

For emergencies and to report non-hunting related issues, dial 911
To report hunting violations, dial #TIP on your cell phone, or dial 1.800.652.9093
For general DNR Information, dial 651.296.6157 or toll-free at 1.888MINNDNR