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Woodland Trails Regional Park

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  1. Adjacent to Water
  2. Biathlon Range
  3. Bird Watching
  4. Dog Waste Station
  5. Open Space
  6. Parking
  7. Picnic Table
  8. Prairie
  9. Scenic Views
  10. Skiing - Cross Country
  11. Trail - Grass
  12. Trail - Paved
  13. Wetlands
  14. Wooded

2020 Construction Update

We're excited to announce that construction is underway for the Nature Activities Area with expected competition this fall.  Click here to view the site plans.
Construction recently kicked off on a new archery range at Woodland Trails Regional Park. Elk River Park Maintenance staff hopes to complete the archery range in the next few weeks to allow time for turf to establish over the summer before it opens in the fall.

The Great Northern Trail Sanitary Foremain project, led by Waste Management, Inc. (a waste disposal and management company that operates the Elk River Landfill) in cooperation with the City of Elk River, will construct a wastewater conveyance system from the Elk River Landfill to the city’s wastewater collection system for treatment at the city’s wastewater plant.

Go here for more construction details.  The Great Northern Trail will be closed beginning May 18.

Park Map

Winter/Summer trail map

Park Info

Woodland Trails Regional Park is a 427-acre park with dense woods, prairies, and wetlands. It is the crown jewel of the Elk River Park system. It is a magnificent place to visit, any time of the year.

Woodland Trails Regional Park includes the Great Northern Trail, a 4.75 mile paved regional trail that begins at County Road 1 and runs through the park before continuing north to the city corporate limit. In 2015 the park expanded to include the 32-acre Big Tooth Ridge Park following the recommendation from the city Parks and Recreation Commission.

Woodland Trails Regional Park officially became a regional park August 2016. Check out this article.

The main access is located east of County Road 1 just north of the Elk River Country Club.

The park also abuts County Road 33 to the north and Proctor Avenue to the east.

Woodland Trails Master Plan