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Snow Event in Effect

Snow Event in Effect

The City of Elk River has declared a Snow Event. This means winter parking restrictions are in place prohibiting overnight parking on all city streets between 2:00 and 6:00 a.m. If plow operators encounter vehicles parked on city streets between these hours during the Snow Event, Elk River Police will be dispatched to ticket and tow, per city ordinance. Designated overnight Snow Event parking is permitted along the north side of the King Avenue parking lot. Nightly parking restrictions will remain in effect until the Snow Event has been lifted by city staff. 
Please be aware of hydrants near you home or business and make sure they are clear of snow/ice and easily accessible to emergency personnel. 
For additional information on Elk River Snow Events, a map of designated overnight parking spaces and a list of FAQs, click here.

Active Elk River Update

Active Elk River Approved
by House Tax Committee

On Monday, February 25, the Minnesota House Property and Local Tax Division received testimony on Elk River’s Local Option Sales Tax to fund recreational and outdoor amenity improvements as part of the Active Elk River plan. Rep. Zerwas introduced the bill to the committee and Councilmember Jennifer Wagner and City Administrator Cal Portner provided background information on the project and election. The bill was approved and laid over for inclusion in a larger tax bill.

A similar hearing will be conducted by the Senate Taxes Committee in the near future.

Spring Summer Community Ed Activity Brochure

Spring/Summer Community Ed
Activity Brochure Coming Soon

Elk River Parks and Recreation has teamed up with ISD 728 Community Education to get the word out about camps, classes, sports leagues, and more in their upcoming Spring/Summer activity brochure. This seasonal guide has always been a great way to learn about Community Ed programs and classes, and now Parks and Recreation is thrilled to have the opportunity to engage with even more members of the community about the many city-sponsored programs available to the community.

Students at Elk River Elementary schools will receive copies of the ISD 728 Community Ed Spring/Summer brochure the week of March 11. A digital version will be available on the Community Ed website soon, and you can always check out the city’s Parks and Recreation programs now on the city's website

Plumbing Vent Pipe

Snow Covered Plumbing Vent Pipes - A Stinky Situation if Left Covered

Did you know your plumbing vent pipes sit exposed on your home’s roof – the same roof that is likely covered in snow thanks to a record-breaking month for Mother Nature. Elk River’s Building Safety Department is reminding residents that in order to keep sewer smells out of your home, these vents must remain uncovered and free of snow/ice. Gases enter homes through drainpipes that connect to the sewer system, and it’s these vent pipes that offer an escape path outside the home, rather than coming in through plumbing fixtures. A blocked plumbing vent can result in more than just unpleasant smells – sewer gases may contain carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide, both of which are toxic gases.

If you suspect your plumbing vent pipe is buried, contact a professional right away. Using a ladder to access your roof in conditions like this can be very dangerous, however when winter is over there are prevention measures residents can take to avoid future clogs like installing a hood or cap on the vent pipes or insulating around the pipe in the attic to foster snow melt.

Snowy Dog Playing in Yard

Snow Drifts and Pets in Your Yard

A five-foot fence in your yard can easily become a two-foot fence with large snow accumulation and drifting caused by high winds. Pets wandering in the street anytime, but especially during inclement weather, are at a higher risk of being hit by a vehicle, not to mention heavy snow can camouflage scent markers making it harder for your pet to find their way home on their own. Don’t give your pets an unforeseen exit strategy – clear snow away from fence lines if possible, or consider keeping your pet on a leash until some snow has melted.

Liquor Store Specials Feb 18 - March 3
Liquor Store Specials March 4 - 17

Employment Opportunities 

  • Reserve Officer (PT)
  • Liquor Store Clerk (PT)
  • Skating Instructor (PT)

To learn more about employment opportunities with the City of Elk River, please click here.
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