Sign Requests and Permit Info

The Street Division is responsible for signs on city streets, public parking lots and facilities. The County oversees signs on County Roads and MnDOT is responsible for state highways.

  • Contact the Street Division at 763.635.1120 to report damaged or vandalized city signs. You can also request/report it online.
  • Signs placed on trees, utility poles, public benches, streetlights, or in any public right-of-way (ROW), are prohibited. Read more.
  • It is unsafe to install Children at Play signs in neighborhoods. Read more.
  • Some signs require a permit. Questions regarding sign permits should be directed to the Fire & Building Safety Division at 763-635-1060.
  • Residents often request the installation of reduced speed or stop signs to reduce or correct traffic problems in their neighborhood. Please contact the Engineering Dept. for more information.
Signs Permits.png