Compost Site

Compost Site Hours

Drop-off hours are 5:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. daily. The site is monitored by security cameras. 

Non-County Residents

Materials will not be accepted from non-county residents. If you are not a resident of Sherburne County, visit the Rethink Recycling website to see if your city has a compost facility.

Commercial Haulers

Sherburne County has made the decision to discontinue commercial compost site use county-wide. All commercial use passes issued previously were for one year and expired on December 31, 2020; new commercial passes are not being issued. Vendors who provide lawn and tree service to Elk River residents may dispose of compost at the Elk River site, but must have the compost pass for the resident they are performing the work for. Commercial haulers will need to dispose of material at a private composting facility or landfill site. 

These changes were made due to the increasing volumes of compostable materials at all four compost sites within the county, and the decreasing availability of processors willing to grind and haul the materials away from the sites. As a result, costs to operate the compost sites have exceeded the authorized budgets provided by the county to the cities to operate the sites. The decision was made by the county with agreement from all four cities that commercial passes would no longer be issued in order to ensure these sites could continue to be available for residents.

Compost Site Passes

Compost Site passes cannot be issued in-person at this time, however requests for passes can be made by calling 763-635-1120 and sent via mail or by filling out the online form found here

Requests for passes will be mailed out the following business day.

Accessing the Compost Site

Sherburne County residents will need to provide proof of residency, i.e. valid driver’s license. Passes are valid at all cities that are part of the Sherburne County Municipal Recycling Board (Becker, Big Lake, Elk River, and Zimmerman). 

Passes are free for the first card; $5 for all replacement cards. Cards may be purchased online here. If you lose your pass, your old pass will be invalidated when you apply for a new one. The site is gated and will require an access pass. 

Just a friendly reminder, the Elk River Maintenance Facility is no longer open for walk in services. Passes can be obtained by filling out this online form or at Elk River City Hall (13065 Orono Parkway) once it has reopened to the public, tentatively planned for July 1, 2021.

Sherburne County compost site locations and accepted materials brochure

Accepted Items

  • Yard waste - grass clippings, leaves
  • Sod
  • Brush
  • Branches (6” in diameter or less)
  • Oil, filters, antifreeze

Items NOT Accepted

  • Lumber (2x4's and other dimensional lumber, painted boards, telephone poles, railroad ties, construction site debris, etc.)
  • Stumps
  • Rocks and concrete
  • Plastic or trash
  • Bags – empty and dispose of bags in dumpster or take home to reuse

**Please note, Elk River no longer has compost material available for residents to pick up per the Sherburne County Contractor Agreement.**