Public Education

The Fire Department believes that the best fire is the one that is prevented. Throughout the year, the department’s Fire Prevention Division, with a full-time Fire Prevention Specialist, works to educate the community on fire safety.

The division identifies and coordinates classroom fire prevention training and educates various target populations on prevention and workplace/home safety.

Fire Station Tours

Fire Prevention Specialist Jeff Smith leads fire station tours at Fire Station #1 for groups of children, accompanied by adults. During the tours, Jeff discusses various topics including: good fire and bad fire, stop-drop-and-roll, and escape plans. The children get a first hand look at what it's like to be a firefighter and what all of the tools on the fire trucks do.

For more information or to set up a group fire station tour, contact Fire Prevention Specialist Jeff Smith.

Fire Truck Requests

The Elk River Fire Department makes appearances at several community events each year. A few community events that are attended yearly include: Day of the Dozer, Popsicles with Public Safety, Sherburne County Daycare Day, Homecoming Parade, and several others. Firefighters bring different trucks to events so the public can view them up close, learn what each truck does, and the firefighters answer questions. The trucks remain in-service at all times during these events and leave the location immediately if they receive a call for service. Trucks are not available for private birthday parties, grand openings, side walk sales, etc.

If you are hosting a community event and would like a fire truck visit, complete the Fire Truck Request form. Note: All truck visit requests shall be booked 30 days prior to the event. 

Truck Visit - Daycare Group
United Way visit - Ladder Truck
National Night Out - Otsego
National Night Out - Tender
Fire Prevention Trailer
Night to Unite - Grass Rig group