Core Values

As an organization, the Elk River Fire Department has a core set of values that carry through to each member. As a philosophy, we believe that we are not just employees, but members of an exceptional team. To be exceptional, we strive to support and take care of each other. This is the brotherhood of our profession.

Each member of the Elk River Fire Department has the responsibility to leave this department better than he/she found it. To that end, our core values are:

We believe our moral principles and trustworthiness in our personal life will carry through to the department and throughout the community. 

We hold our profession to the highest standards through committed service to our community. We exemplify our professionalism in the way we conduct ourselves through training and service. 

We salute those past and present who have served and serve. We honor the traditions of the fire service through our commitment, self-sacrifice and pride in our department and community. 

We treat everyone in a non-judgmental, supportive, and caring manner. 

We respond to all tasks in a faithful and selfless manner.