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We proudly offer a wide variety of regional, domestic and imported beer, wine, and spirits. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to help you choose a wine for an upcoming dinner party or suggest something new to try from our selection of craft or imported beer. Stop by today or call us for fast and easy delivery or pickup!

We're pouring profits back into the community...

As municipal liquor stores operated by the City of Elk River, profits from the liquor operations go directly back into community projects which would otherwise have to be paid for with increased property taxes.

Annually, the City Council allocates profits from the liquor stores for park improvements and to offset property taxes in the city's General Fund. Since 2013, the city's two liquor stores have contributed between $197,000 and $290,000 annually to the Park Improvement Fund. 

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Elk River Liquor Stores are owned and operated by the City of Elk River in order to control the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages in compliance with federal and state laws. There are over 230 cities in Minnesota with municipal liquor operations. Municipal liquor operations are only authorized as an effective means of control over the sale of alcohol. The city strongly encourages moderation and warns consumers to not drive while under the influence. The city enforces the regulations contained within the liquor laws.

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