Fire Department

The Elk River Fire Department, formally established in 1881, is progressive, full-service emergency response and public safety agency offering a wide range of services to provide for a healthy and safe community.  The department has five functional divisions including administration (including emergency management), fire/rescue operations, fire and building safety inspections, training, and city code enforcement.  The department has 11 full-time and 45 on-call employees.  As a function of city government, the fire department is community focused and committed to providing prompt, professional, and courtesy service. The Elk River Fire Department proudly serves the City of Elk River, City of Otsego, and a portion of Big Lake Township.

Mission Statement

As the Elk River Fire Department, our care and concern for our community defines our mission to preserve the lives and property of all residents, proprietors and visitors within our service area through strong leadership and professional staff using state of the art equipment.

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