Twin Lakes Road/Kelley Parkway Project

The City of Elk River, in cooperation with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), are beginning design on the Kelley Parkway alignment, the extension and expansion of Twin Lakes Road and new high capacity intersection along US Highway 10/169. A map of the impacted area is available here

Current Progress

The city has contracted with Hakanson Anderson for the engineering design work and anticipates having more information available in late 2019. During the next few months, survey crews and drilling rigs will be working in the proposed project areas.


In 2010, the city completed the 171st Avenue Focused Area Study (FAST). The study recommended a concept that included a north-south connection along the west side of US 10/169 preferably in front of the existing businesses and the location of a potential interchange along US 10/169 should be as far north as possible.

Using the FAST recommendations, the city began design on Natures Edge Business Park in the 2010's. As part of the Business Park, Twin Lakes Road was constructed off of 171st Avenue south to 168th Circle. During the 2010's, the city completed a feasibility study that looked a new alignment along the west side of US 10/169 between 167th and 171st Avenues. The proposed alignment was located in front of the existing businesses on US 10/169.