Orono Lake Improvement District

OLID LogoLake improvement districts allow citizens to address specific concerns for their local lake. The City of Elk River received a petition requesting the formation of a lake improvement district in April 2019.

The purpose of the Orono Lake Improvement District (OLID) is to address issues such as invasive species, water quality, fisheries and habitat improvements, and periodic dredging which are detailed in the Lake Management Plan. OLID projects are proposed to be funded through such sources as special assessments to property owners within the Lake Improvement District, federal/state grants, fees to affected properties, general obligation bonds, and donations. The OLID budget and goals are discussed and approved by all members during the annual meeting in July or August.

Each year the OLID holds their annual meeting where members discuss and vote on various items. The Board of Directors then shares the Proposed Budget and planned projects with City Council. 

For more information, please visit the Orono Lake Improvement District website.