Light Manufacturing (pre-made material used)

Where is your Light Manufacturing* business allowed?
Light Manufacturing facilities are allowed in selected zoning districts within in the City of Elk River. To view a map of the permitted locations for your light manufacturing business, click here.

What types of approval are required for your light manufacturing business?
Light manufacturing facilities are either a permitted or conditional use depending on which zoning district the facility is located. To determine if your preferred location is permitted or conditional, click here to view the "What Permit Is Needed" chart.

Permitted Use
This is reviewed administratively by city staff after submittal of a Site Plan Application. The site plan review process takes approximately two to four weeks to complete; this timeline varies depending on the level and type of development proposed.

Click here for more information on the Site Plan process and to download the application.

Conditional Use
This is reviewed through a public hearing process at the Planning Commission and City Council after submittal of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). If all required information is submitted, and no unforeseen issues arise, the CUP process takes about two months, from application deadline, to the review at City Council. Once a CUP is approved, site inspections may be required for compliance to City Council approved conditions and the CUP must be recorded at Sherburne County. All conditions must be met and the CUP recorded before you can start operating your business. The timeline after City Council approval is driven by you the applicant.

Click here for more information on the CUP process and to download the application.

Questions or need help?
City planning staff is here to assist you with the review process of your light manufacturing business. Prior to submitting a Site Plan or CUP application, please contact us at 763-635-1000 or send us an email with any questions, to discuss the desired location, review required information, and verify if additional reviews/applications (platting, easement vacations, etc.) may be required.

Need help with signage for your light manufacturing business?
Follow this link and once you are in the online code, please scroll to your specific zoning district (for example Sec 30-871. C-3 highway commercial district) to to identify the sign regulations for your business.

*Manufacturing, light, means a use engaged in the manufacture, fabrication, processing, packaging or assembly, predominantly from previously prepared materials, of finished products or parts, but excluding basic industrial processing. The activities shall take place in a manner which will not produce offensive conditions observable from neighboring properties.