Pavement Management (Street Rehabilitation Projects)

Pavement Management is essential to extending the life of our streets in the most cost effective manner possible. The following video, produced by the Minnesota Local Road Research Board, provides a great overview on the benefits of adherence to a detailed pavement management program. Video: Why aren't they working on MY road?

The City of Elk River uses a computer based Pavement Management Program to track the condition and maintenance needs of all streets within the city. This program includes data from the rating and evaluation of nearly 1,300 individual street segments. Through the analysis of this information staff uses the program to develop a list of projects to be completed in the coming years. Maintenance projects in Elk River are completed every other year. These projects are funded completely with revenue collected from the city franchise fee and our current State Aid allocations. The maps below include the preliminary recommendations for upcoming projects to be completed. Before a project is finalized and recommended to the Council for construction, staff will perform a final detailed review of each segment to assure the preliminary recommendation is appropriate for the current condition of the street.

  1. 2023
  2. 2025
  3. 2027

2023 Proposed Street Rehab Projects