Public Works

The Public Works Department is made up of four divisions which include: Engineering, Street, Parks and Fleet Maintenance, Stormwater, and Wastewater Treatment. Additional details of the specific responsibilities for each division, along with contact information, can be found on the respective links to the left.

Problem Potholes Being Tackled Pot Hole Patching 4

Public Works crews have been out in full force since mid-March tackling pesky potholes following the winter season. Crews have been taking advantage of fewer vehicles are on the roadways to utilize both hot asphalt and velocity patching. Velocity patching is most effective in shallow potholes and dips in the road to bring the area back up to grade, while standard hot mix is less effective in shallow potholes as it needs a certain depth to adhere properly to the existing asphalt.

Keep an eye out for crews and use extra caution as traffic patterns may temporarily be altered to accommodate patchwork. If you know of any potholes that need attention, fill out this easy online form on the city’s website, or call 763-635-1120.