Public Works

The Public Works Department is made up of four divisions which include: Engineering, Street, Parks and Fleet Maintenance, Stormwater, and Wastewater Treatment. Additional details of the specific responsibilities for each division, along with contact information, can be found on the respective links to the left.

Spring Street Sweeping OperationsSweeper Spring 2021 4

You may have noticed Elk River Public Works staff out and about around the city sweeping up the remnants of the fall and winter seasons. Not only does street sweeping beautify the city, but it also helps prevent pollution in local bodies of water because it stops debris from entering the stormwater system. Here are a few tips to help us make the street sweeping operation as efficient as possible:

  • Don’t rake or dump yard debris into the street
  • Keep your garbage/recycling containers in your driveway on collection day, not in the street
  • Basketball hoops should be kept in your driveway, as to not impede the sweeping process
  • If you typically park on the street, consider switching up your parking spot for a few days

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to that material once it’s swept up, we’ve got the answer for you! In Elk River, sweeping debris has a designated drop-off location selected because of its proximity far from any waterways, adjacent to the Maintenance Facility. Because the sweepings are made up of a variety of materials, it is not ideal for reuse on public land. The sweepings are deposited at a nearby landfill and used for daily cover.