Garbage and Recycling


The collection of residential trash and recycling is divided into two collection districts. Each district is served by either Republic Services or Randy’s Environmental Services. More information on garbage collection services can be found here. Wondering about cart placement, or what to do if you've been missed on your collection day? Click here for more information.


The City of Elk River also offers every-other-week single stream recycling service. Your collection week depends on where you live in the city and your hauler's route. Click here for more information.

Organics Recycling/Compost               

Organic food waste recycling is available via our voluntary, free drop off program. Items are collected at home in special Blue Bag compostable bags and taken to two locations for collection. Click here for more information.

2022 Garbage and Recycling Rate Information

Sherburne County Hazardous Waste Events

Dispose of household chemicals, paint, cleaners, batteries and more at the county's numerous events. These events are free to all Sherburne County residents (I.D. required).  Click here for upcoming event information, and to view a list of accepted items. More information is also available on the Sherburne County website.

Service Forms

Door Side Service Form available for elderly and disabled residents requesting special accommodations.

Temporary Stop in Service Form for a temporary change in service also called "snow-bird status".

Elk River Liquor Stores Now Offering Plastic Bag RecyclingPlastic Bag Recyling Liquor Stores

Did you know plastic bags of any kind are not allowed in your curbside recycling? They can really take a toll on sorting machines, not to mention when they end up in the landfill it can take upwards of 400 years for them to break down naturally.

In the city’s ongoing effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we’re giving residents two new options for plastic bag recycling. Both Northbound and Westbound Liquor Stores now have drop-off bins located inside the main entrance of each location. Accepted items include plastic bags (grocery/retailer bags), salt and ice bags, bubble wrap, zipper/resealable sandwich bags, cereal pasta bags, and more! 

The next time you patronize one of Elk River’s Liquor Stores, be sure to bring your plastic bags for proper disposal!

Clean Up Days Makes Disposal Easy! 

The City of Elk River hosts Clean Up Day events in the spring and fall each year. These two events are open to all Sherburne County residents and gives people an opportunity to recycle or dispose of unwanted household items for free, or at a discounted rate. Our fall event was held on Saturday, October 9 and provided disposal of many items. 

Check back in the spring for more details about events planned for 2022.

  Fall Clean Up Day

Hauler Update: Randy's & Republic

In December 2020, Randy's Environmental Services was acquired by Republic Services. They now operate as "Randy's Sanitation, a Republic Services Company". Since the transition, very little has changed for Elk River customers. Randy's and Republic drivers continue to operate in their zones within the city. 

Cart Color

In early summer 2021, some Randy's customers received blue Republic carts/containers. Do not be alarmed if you receive a cart that does not match the color of the truck that services your home. Randy's and Public drivers will service all of the households on their designated routes, regardless of color. 

Driver Shortage and Service

Please be aware, like many industries, solid waste providers have been experiencing post-pandemic laborer issues, specifically a shortage in waste collection drivers. This driver shortage may impact some of our services including cart delivery (for new homes or size changes). Both haulers are actively hiring and training new drivers in an effort to provide the best service possible to customers. These staffing changes can also affect the time for trash and recycling pick-ups, so be sure your cart is outside early, on collection day. Just because your collection is typically in the afternoon, doesn’t mean it will always be within that “normal” timeframe.