Top Code Violations

Tall Weeds/Grass

Tall GrassIn the City of Elk River, grass and weeds of "rank growth" (vigorous and profuse) are code violations. As a rule of thumb, weeds/grass cannot exceed eight (8) inches in height. Lawns, shrubs, trees, and other living ornamental landscape materials must be neat, clean, and maintained regularly. The purposeful deposit of grass clippings, leaves, and other vegetative debris into city streets, alleys, storm drains, catch basins, etc. is prohibited. 

Eliminating tall weeds/grass plays a huge role in enhancing the aesthetics of a neighborhood, while also reducing habitat for unwanted wild animals.

City Code Sec46-32, 30-124, 78-503

Property Maintenance

Broken WindowPeeling paint, rotting trim, broken windows, and fences in disrepair are a risk to public health and safety. Homes, sheds, garages, fences, and other structures must be maintained and in good repair at all times.

City Code Sec: 30-90

Parking and Junk Vehicles

Junk VehicleVehicles, recreational vehicles, or trailers may not stand/remain on a city street of right-of-way in Elk River for more than 24 hours at any time. Vehicles may only be parked on approved surfaces including: concrete, asphalt, compacted Class 5. Vehicles must be licensed and operational, and any inoperable vehicles must be stored in a garage or removed from the property.

City Code Sec: 74-10130-93446-3430-124 

Outside Storage and Trash

Garbage Outside HouseOutside storage of pipes, lumber, machinery, tires, household items, etc. are prohibited. Do not store items behind or alongside your home, shed, garage, or elsewhere on your property, even if covered by a tarp. Keep trash and recycling carts out of sight unless it is your collection day. Not only are outside storage/trash piles unsightly, they can devalue properties and provide habitat for unwanted wildlife.

City Code Sec: 46-3246-34

Signs in the Right-of-Way (ROW)

ROW SignsTemporary signs are allowed on private property only. Any signs placed in the ROW, (typically 30-feet from the road's centerline, or 10-feet from the curb) will be removed. Cluttering the ROW with signs not only is aesthetically displeasing, it reduces sight-line visibility for motorists. All collected signs are placed in a bin behind the Elk River Public Works Facility.

City Code Sec: 30-859

Snow Removal

Shoveling SidewalkSidewalks must be free of snow and ice within 48 hours following a snowfall. Also, when clearing your driveway or sidewalks, do not push snow into the street. This can develop frozen windrows that can substantially damage a plow blade during snow removal operations.

City Code Sec: 46-34