2018 Rate Changes

All residential households in Elk River are required to have trash and recycling services per city code Chapter 58.  The City of Elk River contracts with Republic Services and Randy's Sanitation for service. The city is divided into zones that each hauler services. Residential rates were last increased in 2012.

Trash Fees were increased 6% to 16% based on the size of your container. This cost covers hauling, tipping fees and final disposal. Solid waste is also taxed in Minnesota at 9.75% which is itemized on your bill. Residents are able to change the size of their container if they aren't filling it each week. More info online through Elk River Municipal Utilities

Recycling Fees are now a separate line item on your bill. Recycling service is required for all households in Elk River to ensure proper disposal of items. This provides numerous environmental benefits and reduces the amount of waste generated. Larger recycling containers are provided at no additional charge.  The Elk River Recycle Coach App also provides great tools to remind you of your collection day and provide tips for recycling. 

Organics Recycling fees are now only $2 per month to participate in the Blue Bag program. This curbside organics program allows you to collect food waste and non-recyclable paper in special bags to be turned into finished compost. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does my trash and recycling bill look different in 2018?
    • The city updated its billing system to include more details, including itemizing recycling on your bill.
  • Why were fees increased?
    • The fees cover the cost of residential hauling, disposal and recycling. The city has a ten year hauling contract and fees to residents have not increased in many years. These changes help cover the actual costs the city pays the haulers and ensures the program is financially sustainable. 
  • Why can't I pick my waste hauler?
    • The City of Elk River has contracted hauling with Republic Services and Randy's Sanitation, meaning haulers are determined based on what zone you live in. This allows the city to offer low pricing for residential service, reduce the amount of trucks in your neighborhood and provide in-house customer service via Elk River Municipal Utilities. 
  • Can I change my cart size?
    • Absolutely! Elk River Municipal Utilities can easily change your trash and recycling cart sizes. Trash pricing is determined based on the size of your cart. If you're not filling your trash cart each week, consider getting a smaller container. Recycling is a flat rate and you can get a larger (or additional) recycling cart for no extra fee. 
  • Why should I recycle?
    • Recycling is a simple way to reduce the amount of trash generated and provide significant benefit to the environment. Single sort recycling is also very simple - no separating of items required. Recycling is required for all residents in Elk River and it is not taxed by the state.

If you have additional questions, please email Amanda Bednar, Environmental Coordinator, directly.