Arena Project

April 2, 2018, Regular Council Meeting

Tom Betti, Principal Architect from 292 Design Group presented three building options as directed by the Council at their March 5, 2018, Regular Meeting.

Option 1 scenarios include sand base floors, added locker rooms and increased lobby. The Barn rink is demolished and replaced. The Olympic Rink gets new ice system.
Option 1a ($15.233 million) – Steel construction to replace The Barn– Not suitable insulation for ice arena per Mr. Betti.
Option 1b ($16.507 million) – Steel construction, functional insulation to replace The Barn.
Option 1c ($16.202 million) – Precast concrete enclosure.

Sand-based floors typically keep ice all year round. Concrete flooring is estimated at $100,000 per rink. Concrete allows for off season dry floor events or the option or ability to shut down ice in a rink when not used. Construction phasing is longer to account heavy work and equipment staging in summer when school out of session. High likelihood there would be no ice for a 3-4 month period. Does not encroach on ERHS Softball field nor require ball field replacement.

Option 2 – New two-sheet precast (similar to Shakopee) ($20.641 million)
Allows for shorter construction period time, maintains ice in one rink throughout project. Both rinks are sand base. Provides 30,000 sf field house option in Olympic Rink shell (not included in price estimate).

Option 3 – includes three scenario’s including 3c which modeled the current project on hold. The increased square footage provides for field house option, and public meeting spaces throughout the facility to replace Lions Park Center public space. Does not account for ERHS softball field replacement.
Option 3a – Two sheet precast, 800 seats ($21.703 million)
Option 3b – Two sheet precast, 1,200 seats ($22.507 million)

Council Member Wagner continues to research economic impact of single, multipurpose facility on a different site. The council consensus indicated they did like the ERHS site location. Mr. Betti was asked to report back to the Council with construction phasing and timeline options. Mr. Betti confirmed there is not time to begin construction in 2018.

March 5, 2018, Regular Council Meeting

Mayor Dietz presented an outline of ice arena repairs. Council Member Wagner presented an outline of a community engagement process to consider a single, multipurpose civic center. Consensus was to review a $15 million expenditure for the ice arena. Directed Tom Betti, 292 Design Group, to model a replacement for The Barn Rink and upgrades to The Olympic Rink with additional locker room space for the April 2 meeting. Council indicated interest in considering improvements to the Lions Park Center and Activity Center separately.

Mayor Dietz Comments and Information
Council Member Wagner Comments and Information
March 5, 2018 Minutes on this topic

Update from City Council Special Meeting held February 8, 2018

Following a discussion at a special meeting of the city council on February 8, 2018, the council voted 3-2 (Olsen & Westgaard dissenting) to stop design and planning work on the ice arena project and to prepare for a Nov. 6, 2018, general election referendum for voters to consider a multipurpose recreation center.

February 8, 2018, Special City Council Packet


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March 5, 2018, City Council Meeting Packet

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