Tenant Concerns and Complaints

Open communication is essential to a positive property owner-tenant relationship. Most property owners are responsive and willing to make repairs upon request.  Be sure to start by talking to the owner or agent of your building. Keeping copies or writing down dates of your communications helps keep track of when you requested help.

If your property owner is unresponsive to your request or you have questions regarding the rental dwelling licensing program, you may contact the Rental Licensing Division at 763-635-1075. You may also file a complaint online by completing the Report Problems with Your Rental Unit form. If conditions in your building are putting you or others in immediate danger, leave the building and call 911.

City staff and inspectors are not able to offer advice or provide guidance on matters concerning leases, payment, escrow, security deposits, renter’s refunds, evictions, or other related matters. There are a number of tenant assistance organizations, such as Home Line and Legal Aid, which may be able to assist on a variety of legal and general housing issues.