Road Maintenance

The Streets Department is responsible for various road maintenance projects throughout the city, including: dead animal removal, sealcoating, pothole repair, signage, as well as multiple others listed below.

Dead Animal Removal

The Streets Department is responsible for removing dead animals from city road and right-of-way. Animals that have wandered off the road onto residential property will not be removed. The city assumes that home owners will want to care for personal pets that have been injured or killed on the roadway.

To report a dead animal on a city street, contact the Streets Department at 763-635-1120. You can also request/report online. If the dead animal is on a county road, contact Sherburne County Public Works at 763-765-3300.

Drainage Easements and Ditches

Drainage easements are in place to allow maintenance personnel/equipment access to various components of the cities drainage infrastructure.  Staff inspects and periodically maintains the storm water system.


The mechanics in Equipment Services maintain and repair over 360 motorized vehicles and pieces of equipment. They are also responsible for maintaining numerous types of small equipment such as chainsaws, pumps, generators, sprayers, etc.  

The mechanics are critical to any successes that the Streets have in its pursuit of serving the citizens efficiently.

Gravel Road Maintenance

The Street Department is responsible for the maintenance of all gravel streets within the city. Street personnel will make efforts to grade gravel roadways after rainfall to aid in leveling and surface compaction.


During the summer months the Streets Division mows city-owned boulevards and rural roadway ditches.  The areas are mowed two times throughout the summer.  This is done to control weeds, maintain a quality appearance, and reduce sight line obstructions at intersections.

Pothole Repair

The Streets Department is responsible for patching and repairing potholes in all city streets. To report a pothole, contact the Streets Department at 763-635-1120 or complete an online report/request.

Right-of-Way Maintenance

The Streets Department is responsible for maintaining the road right-of-way. The right-of-way is the portion of city owned property on the outside edges of the street.

Road Restrictions

Road restrictions are enforced each year as the spring warm up begins. The warming weather softens the road base material causing it to become very weak, with little ability to help carry the loads put on itself from traffic. Restrictions are to keep heavy truck loads from damaging the road structure. View a list of roads and their weight restrictions.


Sealcoating your neighborhood streets is much the same as painting your house. Natural elements such as moisture, heat, and sunlight all play a part in the deterioration of a streets surface.


The Sign Shop oversees the fabrication, inventory, installation, and maintenance of all the traffic, parking, and specialty signage in the city. To report a damaged or vandalized sign, contact the Street Department at 763-635-1120 or you can complete a request/report online.

Snow and Ice Control

No parking on any city streets between 2:00 a.m. - 6:00 a.m. when Winter precipitation is expected. For more information.

Street Lights

Street lights are installed and repaired by the Elk River Municipal Utilities. If you notice a street light is out or is in need of some repair, contact Elk River Municipal Utilities at 763-441-2020.

Traffic Signals

Most of Elk River’s traffic signals are repaired and monitored by MnDot employees from the St. Cloud area. To report an issue with a traffic signal.

Street Sweeping

Cleaning city streets provides safe conditions for all modes of transportation. City streets are swept at least twice a year - in the spring and again in the fall. The spring sweeping begins in early April and takes about 6 - 8 weeks. Fall sweeping is completed in late September thru early November. The city completes weekly sweeping as needed throughout the year.