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The City of Elk River and the Energy City Commission have worked hard to achieve a Step 5 in the GreenStep Cities program. The voluntary program was created by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and its partners in 2010. Since then, the City of Elk River has worked on 26 of the 29 total Best Practices. The city is continually looking to achieve more tasks and increase their “star level” in order to achieve our sustainability and quality-of-life goals which align with the city and Energy City action plans. 

Residents can help the city achieve a higher level by being good stewards of water and energy usage, reducing solid waste, purchasing or installing renewable energy, and using smart transportation. 

Minnesota GreenStep Cities is a challenge, assistance, and recognition program. As one of over 100 participating cities, Elk River is helping to lead the way in sustainably across the state of Minnesota. Elk River has worked hard to implement best practices in order to fulfill their sustainability goals. Actions that are taken within the program focus on cost savings, energy use reduction, and the encouragement of civic innovation.

This award is a great achievement for Elk River. And by being part of a sustainability program, GreenStep cities are helping to secure Minnesota’s natural beauty for the future while also helping the cities and regions thrive economically and socially.

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